• Grabau makes it Official; Signs to Fordham University

Lynnfield, MA 11/8/2023 – In a momentous occasion, Lynnfield shortstop Anthony Grabau has officially signed with NCAA Division 1 Fordham University to join the ranks of the Fordham Rams baseball team. Grabau, a standout high school player, has drawn attention for his exceptional skills on the field, making this signing a significant step in his promising baseball career.

Anthony Grabau, a senior at Lynnfield High School in Lynnfield, MA, has consistently showcased his talent and determination on the baseball diamond throughout his career. His dedication to the game and impressive on field play have made him a highly sought-after prospect.

After careful consideration, Grabau made the decision to continue his baseball journey with Fordham University, an institution renowned for its strong athletic programs and commitment to student-athlete development.

In a signing ceremony held at Lynnfield High School, Grabau, flanked by family, friends, and coaches, put pen to paper, officially becoming a part of the Fordham Rams family. The signing day was filled with excitement and anticipation as Grabau shared his gratitude for the support he’s received throughout his journey.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Fordham University baseball program,” Grabau expressed. “I want to thank my family, coaches, and teammates for their unwavering support. I’m excited to contribute to the Rams’ success and make the most of this incredible opportunity.”

Grabau’s signing with Fordham University marks not only a significant achievement for the young athlete but also a testament to the promising future of Fordham Rams baseball. As Grabau embarks on this new chapter, all eyes will be on him and the team as they work toward their goals for the 2025 season.

Big Congratulations to Anthony! Canes Nation is proud.

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